And that's a wrap!

10 public webinars, 30 testimonials, over 300 attendees and a lot of interesting EdTech solutions! Last week’s webinar series marked the end of our “Remote Schooling” acceleration programme. The 10 EdTech start-ups that participated in this programme had the opportunity to showcase the results of the piloting phase of the programme, during which they had their solution tested over the course of 3 months, in 3 different schools from 3 different countries.

These EdTech disruptors inspired all the attendees with their innovative solutions that bridge the gaps of the remote schooling settings. From a robot that helps you to learn languages to a STEM online laboratory, all solutions presented during the IMPACT EdTech webinars are laying the foundations of the future of education. And that future is already knocking at our doors. Therefore, now more than ever, technology and education must join forces to bring concrete answers to the many challenges ahead of us.

IMPACT EdTech is proud to have accompanied these 10 promising European start-ups to bring innovation to the educational sector. During the webinars, we enjoyed listening to the different teams whose accomplishments were a source of creativity and motivation as all solutions address relevant educational topics such as inclusive learning, collaborative ways of teaching or gamification.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the start-up representatives for bringing these EdTech solutions to us; to the educational mentors for their guidance and support and to the pilot teachers for testing the solutions in their classrooms through thick and thin. Without any of them, the programme would not have been possible.

If you could not attend the webinars or you would like to re-watch them, stay tuned because they will be available soon on our website!

Are you also an EdTech start-up interested in joining our programme? You are still on time! You can apply to our 3rd Open Call until the 30th of June. What are you waiting for? Come and join the EdTech revolution!

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