Today, 8 of March, is celebrated the International Women’s Day (IWD) originally called International Working Women’s Day around the world. A day to fight for the equality, participation and empowerment of women in all spheres of society which was aimed to raise awareness among the population, governments and states about the existence of problems that threaten women’s rights and that today, still need to be solved.

At the present time, this day has a major meaning for us all and has become a fight that not only women, but men carry out too, with the focus always on equality and respect for all human beings no matter the gender or the race.

From IMPACT Ed Tech, we want to celebrate and applaud all the women involved in this experience which have shown a great knowledge in their fields, a great capacity for learning and implementing new methodologies to their projects, and most of all, who have demonstrated their power and strength to become whatever they want to; the CEO of their own company, a great photographer, an excellent sales women…

International Women’s Day, commemorates women’s struggle for participation in society, for women’s emancipation and for their full development as individuals. Today, let us give a big shout out to all the women entrepreneurs involved in this #IMPACTEdTech programme and let’s show that change is possible!

"IMPACT EdTech gave us the impulse we needed. Thanks to the program, the team grew and Kotokan went from an "idea" to a "real prototype”. During the program, our mentors, Dalibor and Eric, were really helpful to us and really engaged with our vision. Together, we properly defined the platform and they helped us reach teachers to test Kotokan".
“IMPACT Edtech experience has been awesome! For the past months, we have been working close to the mentors, learning, developing and embracing the startup journey in edtech” ”Personally, I strongly believe we needed this intense program to go beyond our limits and reach important milestones for us as a team and as a product”.
“I really enjoyed this programme, we learned a lot of new tips and tricks from our educational and business mentors. We also had great support from specialized mentors on legal and sales and our product reached the MVP stage last month”.
"Being part of the IMPACT EdTech programme is both exciting and challenging. We have the best mentors ever, who help and push us to accomplish our goals, not only to become successful as a business, but to serve the Educational community with great impact and excellence".
"The bootcamp helped our startup to put things in perspective. We ended up asking ourselves lots of questions about the growth, the business strategy and the paths and opportunities in the EdTech field. Now, during the pilot, we are learning by doing: having students from 3 different countries to test our scanner app is an incredible opportunity to get valuable feedback that will become the source of inspiration for the next updates of our app".
"The experience that IMPACT EdTech is bringing to Notebloc is priceless. Linked to the goals to accomplish during the program, I am in charge of creating the new audiovisual strategy and content, from photography to video tutorials, for students and professors to better understand the potential of the Notebloc Scanner app and the benefits it brings to schools".
"I am grateful for the opportunity provided by IMPACT Edtech. This program will help us support even more teachers and students with the difficult task of teaching and learning math during these times".
"The IMPACT EdTech program has helped me a lot in improving my skills as I am in charge of operations and finance at Mathia. The program pushed me out of my comfort zone. Thanks to the great mentorship we had, we implemented an OKR management system that I have been in charge of. It helped me a lot in project management and the team loves it. Thank you!".
"During the IMPACT EdTech program, we have set ourselves the goal of having at the end of the program a couple of very important educational deliverables for the Mathia project. Thanks to the top notch educational mentoring, I have been able to design a brand new Mathia UX both for teachers and students".
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