ISDI Start

Join the startup incubation program for ISDI students and xISDI.

How to apply?

First, create an account on our acceleration platform: The Hub by ISDI Accelerator.
Then, follow the instructions to get to the application form.
Deadline: August 31st, 2022 at 23:59 pm CEST


Aimed at ISDI students and xISDI worldwide who are leading technology-based projects between definition, pre-seed and seed stage

Potential entrepreneurs with an association with ISDI are helped on the journey to creating a startup company. Participants will have access to training, mentoring, investors, among other services, to take their idea and convert it into a successful commercial venture.

After the experience of helping several startups scaling up their projects, the approach is demonstrated to be effective. 
The incubation program will be delivered in two phases: ISDI Start and ISDI Start UP.


Every person interested will have the opportunity to join ISDI Start, a nine-day online training bootcamp with a very practical

approach that will help participants to work on their value proposition, team definition, prototyping, technology & operations, go to market and pitching.


After this initial phase, up to 5 finalists will be invited to join ISDI Start UP for the development of an MVP in three months in which ISDI provides a number of benefits (two-month online incubation program, demo day and other events, visibility, access to relevant investors and corporates and external services at favorable conditions, etc) in exchange for a percentage of the startup equity.

Acelera el crecimiento de tu startup y multiplica su impacto con financiación, formación, mentoring, acceso a inversores, acuerdos de colaboración con UNICEF Comité Español, impulsado y gestionado por ISDI Accelerator. Programa deslocalizado para startups hispanohablantes.

ISDI Start Info Session

Join us in this Info Session on Wednesday July 27 where we will explain the incubation program in depth and answer all your questions.
27 July

ISDI START (First Stage)


An immersive and intensive learning 

nine-day long experience


Exposure to ISDI ecosystem, networking and opportunities to showcase your solution


Potential access to a two-month incubation program, ISDI Start UP, lead by ISDI Accelerator

ISDI START UP (Second Stage)


Two-month online incubation program


One-to-one sessions with experts to help your startup grow


Meetings with interesting contacts precisely chosen for your project


Be part of a blooming community after incubation 


Pitch in front of investors, big corps and media


Free services and discounts from renowned providers such as Amazon Web Services, IBM, and more


Access to relevant investors, VCs, BAs and our own Investors Club.


The ideal project to be eligible for ISDI Start program meets the following requirements: 

– You are an ISDI student or xISDI. 

– Your idea shows strong potential.

– You are committed to the program and ISDI. 

– Have the initial team.

– Have a prototype or preliminary MVP. 

The particular conditions in which the collaboration between the startup and ISDI will be developed must be included in writing in the corresponding agreement that will be signed by the parties if your project is selected to be part of ISDI Start Up.

Nuevas formas de financiación

Desarrollo de nuevas fuentes de financiación y sostenibilidad de las causas sociales.

Nuevo contenido

Fomentar la creación de contenidos y formatos que se adapten a los diferentes públicos objetivos.

Optimización de procesos clave

Mejorar la eficiencia de los procesos clave las organizaciones no lucrativas.

Confianza, Datos y Seguridad

Mejorar la trazabilidad y gestión de la información para ofrecer confianza, transparencia, obtener información ágil para la toma de decisiones, etc.

Innovación disruptiva

Desarrollo de nuevos productos, servicios, herramientas, tecnologías  y/o modelos de negocios para causas sociales.


La startup perfecta para UNICEF Lab debe cumplir estos requisitos

  • Establecidas legalmente.
  • Tienen al menos un CEO o responsable de negocio y un CTO o responsable técnico.
  • Tienen al menos un fundador dedicado a tiempo completo al proyecto.
  • Tienen al menos un MVP (Producto Mínimo Viable) totalmente desarrollado.
  • Están buscando establecer colaboraciones con organizaciones como UNICEF Comité Español en menos de 6 meses.
  • Cumplen los criterios éticos para trabajar con UNICEF Comité Español.
  • El castellano es el idioma oficial para presentar solicitudes, para optar a ser elegibles y durante todo el programa de aceleración.

Do you want to know more?

Have a look at the Guide for Applicants and the Frequently Asked Questions


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