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Closure of application period:

January 26th, 2020 at 23:59 p.m. CET


On the way to becoming a mobility company for all, Toyota has teamed up with ISDI Accelerator and created the Toyota Startup Awards—recognizing startups with breakthrough solutions in the area of inclusive mobility.

As part of the Toyota Startup Awards we will bring eight finalists to 4YFN, the most influential startup event of the year. Finalists will even get the opportunity to exhibit their startup at the Toyota stand, get seen by 4YFN visitors and investors, participate in the pitching competition and compete for the main prize—a fast track to the Toyota Accelerator Program powered by ISDI Accelerator. On the second day of the event (25/02/2020), the winners of the Toyota Startup Awards will be recognized on the main stage.

We are looking for innovative solutions to support inclusion of people with restricted mobility. These solutions could be overcoming obstacles presented by mobility impairments that are permanent or temporary; congenital or acquired with age or as a result of injury; physical, sensory, cognitive, emotional, and more.

Please go to the official website ( and consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information about the program. You can submit your application to the program at the following URL: (

The deadline for submitting your application is 26 January 2020 at 23:59 p.m. CET.


The eight finalist startups will be entitled to the following package of services and perks:

  • Exposure at 4YFN: As a finalist of the Toyota Startup Awards, you will be provided with a booth inside the Toyota space at the 4YFN event as well as an exclusive time slot on the Toyota stage to pitch your solution.
  • Access to MWC Barcelona 2020 on Thursday 27 February 2020 for your startup’s team.
  • Accommodation in BCN: 4-star accommodation for up to two members of each startup. Travel and out-of-pocket expenses are expressly excluded.
  • Fast Track to Acceleration Program: Up to three of the eight finalists will be awarded the Toyota Startup Award. Winning the award entails a fast track to an Acceleration Program powered by the award-winning ISDI Accelerator. The Acceleration Program will include the following perks:
      • Financing: each startup that enters the Toyota Mobility Accelerator will receive funding as well as many other perks which are written below.
      • Training “bootcamp”: This face-to-face event is designed to help startups gather more knowledge in business areas, with a practical format and featuring speakers from leading organizations, including ISDI and Toyota.
      • Business mentors: Each participating team receives three months of individual sessions with a high-level mentor custom-matched with the startup. Mentoring follows a personalized methodology and addresses current needs the startup is experiencing.
      • Specialized mentors: Startups can also learn from successful and veteran entrepreneurs, experienced investors and C-Level executives from big corporations/organisations such as Google, AirBnB and NASA. All of them have extensive experience working with startups.
      • “Perks” program: Participants have access to significant discounts from technological, marketing, legal and talent services, among others, provided by renowned companies such as Amazon, Braintree, Marketo, Sendgrid, and more.
      • Demo Day: At the end of the acceleration program, the finalists will present in front of Toyota executives, private investors, and other executives of large corporations and/or media.

Eligibility Criteria

The Toyota Startup Awards developed by ISDI Accelerator for Toyota Motor Europe accepts applications from startups. A startup is considered as such if it meets the criteria of small and medium enterprises of the European Commission Recommendation, 2003/361/EC. Only startups that meet the following requirements are eligible for the acceleration program:

  • The startup must be legally established.
  • The startup has at least one CEO or business manager and a CTO or technical manager.
  • At least one full-time founder is dedicated to the project.
  • The startup has at least one MVP (Minimum Viable Product) fully developed.
  • Founder(s) must have high-level English language skills, as the competition will take place in English.
  • The startup is aligned with Toyota’s values and should respect EU legal regulations (e.g. GDPR etc.).


Toyota is looking for the most disruptive startups poised to overcome the obstacles to mobility faced by vulnerable people and groups. Priority will be given to the following verticals, but all innovative ideas are welcome:

  • Socially inclusive mobility: Mobility solutions that are created to meet the unfulfilled mobility needs of vulnerable individuals, such as disabled people, the elderly, children, as well as people living in suburban areas.
  • Accessibility: Provide innovative approaches that increase accessibility to mobility solutions and thereby enable a “Mobility for All” future.
  • Disruptive Mobility: Development of new products, services, tools, technologies and / or disruptive business models that can contribute to a “Mobility for All” future.


Applications must be submitted through the official website: ( before 26 January 2020 at 23:59 pm CET. Applications submitted by other means and/or later than the said deadline will not be considered for evaluation.

The registration form is hosted on the f6s platform ( and, in order to complete and submit said application, it is necessary to register on that platform with the personal data of at least one of the team members. By sending the data through the aforementioned form, the user is accepting the Toyota Startup Awards Privacy Policy and the f6s Privacy Policy (

Applications will be submitted via a single online form, which includes:

  • Project proposal: divided into 4 sections:
    1. Contact and legal information
    2. Project
    3. Company and team
    4. Business and strategic fit
  • Control questions: questions related to where and how the applicant learned about the Accelerator. This section also covers privacy policies.

Please, before sending the information consider that:

  • The Evaluators will only consider the documentation included in the application form (and in the annexes). It is the responsibility of the applicant to include all the necessary information in the form.
  • Only one proposal can be submitted per applicant. If more than one proposal is identified per applicant, only the first proposal submitted in time order will be evaluated.
  • The data provided must be real, true and complete and must allow the evaluation of the proposal.


English is the official language for submitting applications for the Toyota Startup Awards powered by ISDI. Proposals must be in English to be eligible.
English is also the only official language during the entire challenge.


To the extent needed for the participation to the competition and the evaluation phase, the Start-Up grants to ISDI, a royalty-free license, on a non-exclusive basis, without geographical or temporal limitation, and with the right to assign to third parties, to use the contents and materials provided.

Applicants will be solely responsible for claims on intellectual or industrial property rights that may occur, obliging them to compensate ISDI and Toyota, their investee companies and / or customers of any of them for all expenses, damages and losses. may cause the violation of the aforementioned rights.

Applicants are expressly prohibited from using and / or exploiting, in any way and in any medium (own and / or third party), the logos, trademarks and / or distinctive signs of both ISDI and Toyota, unless prior written authorization is obtained from the holder of the signs distinctive.


To be eligible for the evaluation, applications must meet:

  • They must meet all eligibility criteria.
  • They must be submitted through the official platform (
  • They must be submitted before Limit date. Applications must be submitted before the closing time and the date of the contest round. Late proposals will not be evaluated.


Eligible proposals will be automatically scored by the evaluation system, obtaining up to 100 percentage points according to the following criteria: team (30% weight), business (30% weight), strategic fit (40% weight).

The evaluation system will establish a threshold and all applications that reach the minimum threshold score or higher will move on to the external evaluation.

After pre-scoring, all applications will be evaluated and qualified by a jury, consisting of experts from ISDI Accelerator and Toyota Motor Europe The jury will evaluate applications using the given criteria: team, business and strategic fit.


Applicants will receive a notification after the evaluation process, on 3 February 2020, indicating whether they have been selected or not. The decisions of the jury, composed of experts of recognized prestige, will be final and not appealable.


The Joint Data Controllers are:
– Internetsia, SL (ISDI), with address at C / Viriato 20 – Bajo; 28010 of Madrid (Spain).
– Toyota Motor Europe (TME) with address Bourgetlaan 60, 1000 Brussels, (Belgium).

The applicants are informed and agree that the personal data provided is processed in order to manage the previous evaluation and, where appropriate, the professional relationship arising from the provision of the acceleration services.

The rights provided in the current privacy legislation are recognized, which may be exercised by sending a communication to the previous address.

For more information, visit our Privacy Policy is and


The Joint Data Controllers are:
– Internetsia, SL (ISDI), with address at C / Viriato 20 – Bajo; 28010 of Madrid (Spain).
– Toyota Motor Europe (TME) with address Bourgetlaan 60, 1000 Brussels, (Belgium).

The applicants are informed and agree that the personal data provided is processed in order to manage the previous evaluation and, where appropriate, the professional relationship arising from the provision of the acceleration services.

The rights provided in the current privacy legislation are recognized, which may be exercised by sending a communication to the previous address.

For more information, visit our Privacy Policy is and

Non-competition. Interest Conflict: If, during the term of the Toyota Startup Awards, the Start-Up is to receive acceleration services similar to those under the scope of the Toyota Startup Awards, the Start-Up shall inform ISDI prior to the provision of such services. Likewise, the Start-Up shall inform ISDI of any interest conflict that, according to the Guidelines herein attached as Annex I, may exist or arise during the term of the Toyota Startup Awards.


A conflict of interest generally refers to a situation where the impartiality and objectivity of a decision, opinion or recommendation of a person involved in the assessment/service/decision process is or might be perceived as being compromised by a personal interest held or entrusted to a given individual.

Relevant personal interest may be of a financial or non-financial nature and it may concern a personal or family relationship or Start-Up affiliations and other relevant outside activities.

The concept of conflict of interest should be understood widely and covers economic interest, political or national affinity, family or emotional ties, any other shared interest and any other situation that affects or may affect impartiality. In particular it should be understood as:

§ family and personal relationships.
§ personal ties binding the receiver of the Services (or its employee, shareholder, member of the managing and supervising bodies, member of the board, manager, subcontractor etc.) with the person involved (conflict of interest also persists after cessation of the above-mentioned relationship);
§ any ownership relations (such as ownership of shares, joint venture, holding, joint participation, silent partner) between the receiver of the Services and the person involved;
§ the existence of material, especially financial, relationships (such as the receipt by a person involved from the receiver of the Services of any benefits – significant gifts, donations, future employment or contract etc.);
§ employment or collaboration relationship or existing civil contract between person involved and the receiver of the Services.
§ remaining in a legal or factual relationship that may give rise to justified doubts as to the impartiality of the service provier;

At entity level, conflict of interest is basically related to the ownership of shares, financial links and economic connections (such as, for example, exclusive license or sale agreements, as far as they concern products or solutions covered by the services).

The reasons set forth above may result in a conflict of interest if they occur at the time of action or have occurred in the past (within 2 years before the action commencement) or are likely to occur in the future- if they influence the decision-making process in this matter. Time limits do not apply to the family and personal relationships.

The following situations will automatically be considered as a conflict of interest:

§ It is a director, trustee or partner or is in any way involved in the management of the receiver of the Services (or linked third party or other third party involved in the action);
§ It is employed or contracted by the receiver of the Services (or linked third parties, named subcontractors or other third parties involved in the action);
§ It has close family ties or other close personal relationship with the receiver of the Services;
§ It. has (or has had during the last two years) a scientific collaboration with the receiver of the Services;
§ It. has (or has had) a relationship of scientific rivalry or Start-Up hostility with the receiver of the Services;

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